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Outgoing Mail Control statistic can be fetched only for all domains in JSON. It can not be fetched per mailbox or domain. Log to the server via SSH. Execute the following command to get Outgoing Mail Control statistic for last hour: # plesk sbin mailmng-outgoing --pretty-print --fetch-statistics --with-limits --time-step='hour The mail-log plugin for Plesk gives you the possibility to learn about emails sent to and from your server. Available info includes IP addresses, date and time of , emails sent and received with details about mailbox domain. Requirements. Linux OS; Postfix SMTP mailserver; How the extension works: Cron script is added to server cron for collecting data; Server administrator can activate. First, check if those mails were really sent over your Plesk server. Do you see those mails in the logs? How were the mails sent, via webmail or via SMTP? Then, check the outgoing mail limits for the subscription that owns the domain. What limits do you have there? Reactions: tkalfaoglu. tkalfaoglu Regular Pleskian. Jan 27, 2020 #3 Many thanks.. The account is set for 100 mails/hour. But now.

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  1. In order to check and monitor the Plesk email logs, you can follow this process - the plesk logs are located at this path : /usr/local/psa/var/log/maillog
  2. If the email address in your Plesk profile matches a Google, GitHub, or Facebook account email, you can log in to Plesk with this account right away. To log in to Plesk with a social network account: Click the icon of the social network you want to use to log in to Plesk (the social network account's email address must match the email address in your Plesk profile). You will be asked to cli
  3. Use this link to see detailed statistics on outgoing email messages for all Plesk objects. Note: In Plesk for Windows, a number of steps must be taken in order to use limitations on outgoing email messages. See below. Before configuring the limitations on outgoing mail on Windows hosting, do the following: Close the open relay and remove all addresses from the relay's list of trusted.
  4. Log in to the My Plesk service! There you can manage your licenses and update the payment method. More features are on the way — stay tuned
  5. Plesk is the only web hosting control panel you'll ever need to build, secure and run websites and applications in the Cloud! Get Plesk Hosting Platform! Get Plesk Hosting Platform! Contact us: +1 855-777-368

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Plesk 12: Nutzung der Outbound Antispam Funktionalität . Mit dem Plesk 12 Outbound Antispam Modul können Sie die Anzahl der ausgehenden E-Mails Ihres Servers limitieren und so z.B. verhindern, dass Server für den Versand von Spam missbraucht wird und auf entsprechenden Blacklists geführt wird. Das Outbound Antispam Modul erlaubt es Ihnen verschiedene Stundenlimits für den E-Mailversand. If you still cannot locate your Plesk information, please contact Modular Merchant Tech Support. Create your email accounts... Now that you're logged in to Plesk, you can start creating your email accounts. In this example, I will be creating the email account captain@dreadpiraterutabaga.com; so that I can keep in touch with my mates while I'm out at sea. Once you're logged in to Plesk. Plesk Premium Email is compatible with a variety of desktop and mobile clients. MacOS clients . To connect your native MacOS clients use the Internet Accounts System Preference settings to add the following accounts: IMAP. Select Mail under Add Other Account Enter your email address and password; Add your domain as incoming and outgoing server (e.g. example.com) Deselect notes; CalDAV. Outbound Antispam. Mit Plesk Onyx schützen Sie sich vor ausgehendem Spam und profitieren von vielen Mail-Funktionen: Schützen Sie sich vor ausgehenden Spam-Nachrichten indem Sie die Rate Limits (z.B. maximal 50 E-Mails pro Stunde) bis auf Mailbox-Ebene genau definieren; Unterstützung des Dovecot Mailservers mit Server-Based Filterin

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  1. Instructions. In order to see the mail log files, you should be logged into SSH as root.. For Plesk Users: The email log is located in the following directory
  2. g mail server cloudxxx.netim.net (where xxx has to be replaced with your plesk number, see Note) Outgoing mail server (SMTP) cloudxxx.netim.net (where xxx has to be replaced with your plesk number, see Note) User Name Your email addres e.g. test@example.com Passwor
  3. How To Log Emails Sent With PHP's mail() Function To Detect Form Spam . Version 1.0 Author: Till Brehm <t [dot] brehm [at] ispconfig [dot] com> If you are running a webserver you might have faced the problem already: somewhere on your server is a vulnerable contact form or CMS system written in PHP that gets abused by spammers to send emails trough your server

New feature integrated in Plesk 12. Click on Tools and Settings in Left Hand Panel.. Click on Mail Server Settings.. Scroll Down to find Switch on Limitation on outgoing email messages. Ticked the Enable box and enter the required values then Click OK How to manage e-mail deliverability settings in Plesk. This article describes how to use Plesk to manage e-mail deliverability settings and help ensure outgoing messages reach their destination. These deliverability settings include: DomainKeys Identified Mail (DKIM). Sender Policy Framework (SPF) How to configure Plesk mail in Outlook. Here is a step-by-step guide to help you configure Plesk mail in Outlook. Step 1. Open outlook and go to 'File'. Step 2. Click 'Add Account' Step 3. Select 'Manual setup or additional server types' and click 'Next'. Step 4. Select 'POP or IMAP' and click 'Next'. Step Server für eintreffende E-Mails. Hostname: Geben Sie hier die Adresse des Mailservers Ihres Plesk Systems an: (mail.ihredomain.tld) Benutzername: Der Benutzername ist hier die vollständige E-Mail Adresse (ihremailkonto@ihredomain.tld) Passwort: Bitte geben Sie dort das in für das E-Mail Konto eingerichtete Passwort ein. Server für. I have Plesk with a Network Solutions virtual server. When my site sends out emails using PHP, the email header indicates that the message is coming from an address like this one: anonymous@002..

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  1. Bad Login or Username/Password . Make sure this email address was correctly set up in your WebControl panel or Plesk. Some help on this can be found here: Setting up email - All purpose. Check to see if the outgoing server is correct. For example: Some customers will use something lik
  2. Login; 0800 147 741. Suchen. Suchen. Suchbegriff. Menü. Webhosting; Server; Rechenzentrum; Reseller & Agenturen; E-Mail & Domains; Web. Mail. Server. Seit 20 Jahren im Geschäft konzentrieren wir uns auf Schweizer Internet-Dienstleistungen in den Bereichen Webhosting, Webserver und Domains. Wir beherbergen mehr als 1'000 Server-Systeme und betreuen 50'000 Kunden. Website und E-Mail-Adressen.
  3. Wählen Sie in Plesk die gewünschte Domain bzw. das entsprechende Abonnement aus und öffnen Sie diese im Control Panel. Wählen Sie dann den Reiter E-Mail und die Option E-Mail-Adresse erstellen: Im folgenden Dialog ist der gewünschte E-Mail-Name und das Passwort festzulegen
  4. area at [Hosting > Connection Information]. The steps to locate the access logs varies depending on which version of Plesk is in use. Check the browser tab or window title, it should contain either Parallels Plesk Panel 11.0.9 or Parallels Plesk Panel 9.5.

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Optional: Legen Sie im Feld Maximum message size die maximale Größe der E-Mails fest. Optional (gilt nur für Plesk für Linux): Legen Sie im Feld Maximum number of connections (IMAP, POP3, IMAP over SSL/TLS, or POP3 over SSL/TLS) fest, wie viele Nutzer gleichzeitig eingeloggt sein können. Optional (gilt nur für Plesk für Linux): Legen Sie im Feld Maximum number of connections for a user Setting up an IMAP account in our Plesk Windows hosting services, you'll need to use a similar configuration, depending on the node you are on. Use the following settings according to the below example: node2.hosting.ca Your Name: The Display name you wish to show when sending email Email Address: full-email-address@domain.com - change it to the one [

The issue you are facing is due to the password inserted for the email address in the email client is incorrect. If you are getting the following error that was in. 8. Click on the Advanced Tab and change Incoming and Outgoing mail server settings and click ok. 7. Click Next and wait for the account settings test to complete and click 'Close'. 8.Click 'Finish' to exit the wizard and start using your email account. You have successfully setup your Plesk Email account on your existing Outlook profile Join Remote Session Start a conversation Sign in. Start a conversation . iONLINE SP; Email and Connectivity; POP3 and Plesk Mail. Section description: Incoming Mail Server (POP3) settings; Changing your mail account password with iONLINE's Plesk Panel; Outgoing Mail Server (SMTP) settings; How to Setup a POP account on Outlook 2016 for Windows; How to Add a Plesk/POP3 mail in Outlook; How to.

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  1. In dieser Artikelserie wird erklärt, wie Sie einen Mailserver auf einem Server mit Plesk konfigurieren. Hierbei gehen wir in diesem Artikel davon aus, dass die DNS-Einstellungen von IONOS verwaltet werden. Im dritten Artikel dieser Artikelserie erfahren Sie, wie Sie die serverweiten Mailserver-Einstellungen prüfen und konfigurieren
  2. g and Outgoing Servers for Email Clients. Posted by KB Editor on 18 April 2017 02:04 PM. Manual Settings . If you're having trouble connecting to your email account, or you're setting it up in your mail client for the first time, there's an area in cPanel and Plesk that lists exactly what mail settings you should use for the account! Here's how to find it: cPanel. Log into your.
  3. g server information : mail.spamora.net Outgoing server information : mail.spamora.net Authenticate using: Clear text Log-on Username: indicate your full email address again, e.g adrien@netim.com Once you have filled all information, click 'Next', the account is now created.
  4. panel. Within the Change Settings option you can activate or disable mail service for the selected domain, specify how mail sent to non-existent users should be addressed, change your webmail default, or enable DomainKeys spam protection to sign outgoing mail
  5. Access to Webmail via Plesk Control Panel. You can also access your MailEnable or SmarterMail webmail inside Plesk: Click on the Mail tab; Click on the Webmail icon to the far right of the e-mail address you want to pull up in Webmail. It should look like the following: SmarterMail. If you are on a Windows Dedicated Server prior to July 2019 or a Windows Shared account, Plesk provides a.

Plesk allows admins to set up a limit on outgoing messages for a domain or email address to avoid spam and it is set by the hosting provider. Follow the below steps to configure the number of outgoing messages in Plesk. 1) Log in to Plesk. 2) Click 'Websites&Domains' option. 3) Please click on the option 'sho It seems in plesk there is a feature to forward a copy of all outgoing mails send through SMTP/webmail to an email id which can be defined by the user itself. This allows administrators in companies to check what mail traffic is being using the company domain How to change outgoing mail server IP address in Linux PLESK Posted on March 17, 2015 October 3, 2018 by 24x7serversupport.com You can easily change the mail server ip address in cpanel by using /etc/mailips file Click on the SMTP option to see the outbound mail logs 7) After clicking on the SMTP option, please now click on the Logs option, you will be presented with Activity, Debug and W3C 8) If you would like to see old mail logs click on the W3C folder and then click on the respective log file that you would like to investigate outgoing mail fo

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View Email Logs For All Emails Sent / Received. Thread starter PrivaHost; Start date Jan 10, 2012; P. PrivaHost Registered. Jan 10, 2012 1 0 51 cPanel Access Level Root Administrator. Jan 10, 2012 #1 Hi Everyone, Let me clarify my question.. I run a web host.. We want to be able to track the emails send / received from every single user account separately or all together. I don't care. I read. Optus webmail is your free email service and your own username@optusnet.com.au address you can use on: This online service for webmail has all you need including: Mail, drafts, spam filter (for mail), folders and online storag Moin moin, ich habe seit ca. 1½-2 Wochen ein Problem mit meinem E-Mail Service. Der Server wurde bereits vor einigen Monaten aufgesetzt (Debian und Plesk 12). Seit dem o.g. Zeitraum stellt mein Server allerdings keine E-Mails mehr an Anbieter wie gm

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Plesk is a Windows and Linux compatible web hosting control panel that allows you to easily manage the different aspects of your hosting account such as - files, applications, customer accounts as well as email accounts on the server. It provides users with a simple and convenient GUI (Graphical User Interface) that enables one to start their hosting business quickly and maintain it without. Sie finden diesen direkt nach dem Plesk-Login auch ganz unten in Ihrer Domainliste (Format: webXXXXX-mail.greatnet-hosting.de). Im folgenden Beispiel gehen wir davon aus das Ihr Mailserver web12345-mail.greatnet-hosting.de lautet. Verwenden Sie bitte folgende Angaben: Posteingang (IMAPs-Server): web12345-mail.greatnet-hosting.de Port: 993 (optional 995 für POP3s), Verbindungssicherheit: SSL. Support Center Login. Domeinnamen; Webhosting; Wachtwoord vergeten? Kies uw domeinnaam: Er zijn diverse gebruikers die e-mail van zichzelf ontvangen met een verzoek tot betaling van een bedrag. Lees hier meer. Welk webhostingpakket past bij u? Voor middelgrote sites . Power. 50GB Disk / Onbeperkt dataverkeer; Installer (Wordpress, Joomla etc) Onbeperkt mailboxen (met spamfilter) Automatische. Webhosting, Domains und PHP Webspace von Greatnet.de - Webhoster mit Servern in Deutschland Email. Ask your questions and we'll get back to you. Email us. Find a store . Visit a store for help with products and services. Find a store. Support. Get the answers to your questions. Visit Support Community. Sign in to access your Shaw email. Shaw email. Help Password. Remember Shaw email. Sign in. Having trouble? Shaw Support: How To Reset My Password Already Know How? Reset Password On.

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Email Address. Password. Remember M 8. WebMail Lite 8 is ready for use. Anybody who has an e-mail account on your Plesk Panel server can now check their e-mail at Installed at URL. 9. If you wish to fine-tune WebMail Lite 8 installation, you can with Username and Password shown at WebMail Lite 8 page in Plesk interface I have uotcame mail logging on, but I can not find atlassian-jira-outgoing-mail.log. I expect to see it here <jira>/Atlassian\Application Data\JIRA\log. But I see here atlassian-jira-incoming-mail.log. Best regards, Vasiliy. Answer. Watch. Like Be the first to like this . 1 answer 1 accepted 2 votes . Answer accepted. Nicolas_Bourdages Apr 11, 2016. That's where it should be. After logging is. Does Sharepoint 07 log outgoing emails to its defined SMTP server ? If so, where does this log reside ? · There is no specific log for just SMTP stuff for SharePoint. The big logfile is at Program Files\Common Files\Microsoft Shared\web server extensions\12\LOGS. You should be able to find some SMTP stuff in there. If you can, you might try. E-Mails verwalten . Klicken Sie im PLESK-Hauptfenster auf E-Mail-Adressen. Hier können E-Mail-Adressen angelegt und verwaltet werden. Außerdem können Sie hier auf den Roundcube-Webmailer zugreifen. Aktivieren und konfigurieren Sie bei Bedarf für jede E-Mail-Adresse den Spam-Filter. Aktivieren Sie bei Bedarf E-Mail-Weiterleitungen bzw. tragen Sie zusätzliche Empfängeradressen ein. FTP.

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The Outbound and inbound mail flow widget displays the TLS encryption that's used for the connection when messages are delivered to and from your organization. The connections that are established with other email services are encrypted by TLS when TLS is offered by both sides. The widget offers a snapshot of the last week of mail flow. When you click View Details, the Message protected in. Login & E-Mail. Zugangsdaten vergessen? Hinweis: Bei evtl. auftretenden Fehlermeldungen, können Sie sich temporär auch über diesen Link einloggen; Aus Sicherheitsgründen wird der Login-Prozess nach 3 Fehlversuchen für mindestens 30 Sek. gesperrt; Vielen Dank! Ihr Vodafone-Team Schließen . Aus Sicherheitsgründen werden Sie nach 30 Minuten Inaktivität vom System abgemeldet. Um das zu. Your Outgoing Mail Server (SMTP) is the same as your ISP's outgoing mail server. Use the same setting provided by your Internet service provider to avoid problems delivering email. Most Virus and SPAM conscious ISPs now require you to use their outgoing Mail server to help reduce the proliferation of viruses and eliminate SPAM. To top. Can I use a WebMail service to read and send email online. 8. WebMail Pro 8 is ready for use. Anybody who has an e-mail account on your Plesk Panel server can now check their e-mail at Installed at URL. 9. If you wish to fine-tune WebMail Pro 8 installation, you can with Username and Password shown at WebMail Pro 8 page in Plesk interface

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In this video, we're going to show you how you can access webmail within the Plesk control panel FTP Clients and FTP Errors. 46. How to install Applications in Plesk 10.x,11.x & 11. How to access webmail in Plesk. This article describes how to access Plesk e-mail accounts using webmail. Webmail enables you to check your e-mail accounts by using your web browser. You can compose and read e-mail messages, maintain an address book, and perform other common tasks. Third-party e-mail client applications, such as Thunderbird and. Enter your name and e-mail address at user information. Select POP3 for the account type and enter pop.mail.com as incoming server and smtp.mail.com as outgoing server. Enter your mail.com e-mail address and password as log in credentials. Click on More Settings

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> Plesk Onyx - Increasing your outgoing mail limit. Overview. By default, Conetix sets an outgoing email limit within Plesk to prevent accidental misuse of email accounts for sending spam email. We recommend leaving this restriction in place and adjusting limits as required to ensure your server remains protected. For newsletters and bulk emails, we highly recommend looking at our Bulk Email. Horde Webmail-Login. E-Mail-Adresse: Password: Webmail-Version: Mode: Language Log in. Alternatives Webmail Testen Sie Roundcube-Webmail Postfach konfigurieren: Passwort ändern; Sie nutzen ManagedExchange? Outlook Web App Webmail für ManagedExchange 2013. Plesk Mail-Log auswertung. Sithys; Mar 9th 2015; Sithys. Customer. Posts 931. Mar 9th 2015 #1; Moin... kurz und knapp: Gibt es eine Logdatei, die mir einfach auflistet, an welche Adressen wann welche E-Mails versendet wurden? Plesk 12 auf Ubuntu 14.04 wird eingesetzt. Pool-Saison 2020: Große Abkühlung für kleines Geld. Black Rider. Customer . Posts 36,756. Mar 9th 2015 #2; Direkt aus Google. World's Most Popular Windows Mail Server MailEnable provides an end to end solution for providing secure email and collaboration services. A recent independent survey reports MailEnable as the most popular Windows Mail Server Platform in the world. Whether you are a hosting company providing email services to thousands of end users or a small business with a single domain, MailEnable provides.

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Mark Channels Read; Member List; Today's Posts; Calendar; Forum; Web Hosting and Domains; FAQ's / Tutorials. If this is your first visit, be sure to check out the FAQ by clicking the link above. You may have to register before you can post: click the register link above to proceed. To start viewing messages, select the forum that you want to visit from the selection below Mail SMTP relay outgoing is referred to as an e-mail server: A device and/or program that routes an e-mail to the correct destination. The service resolves your email sending problems like ISP blocking outbound SMTP port 25 or any email inbox delivery issues. It is commonly used as the SMTP smart host to your exchange server or the SMTP gateway for your printers, copiers or fax machines

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Kunden-Login für Ihr persönliches Domain-Portfolio bei united-domains Plesk 12 includes a powerful set of features for WordPress professionals called the WordPress Toolkit that you can use to harden and speed up WordPress Open source standards for mail scanning from SpamAssassin® and ClamAV® combined with deep integration with the Plesk control panel. With support for over 27 SpamAssassin plugins, outbound scanning, database logging, custom rule builder, multi-mailbox management, rich reporting, and multi-role access, Warden provides you with the most robust, extendable anti-spam and anti-virus solution for.

To set up a mail server in Plesk, the first step is to add the domain and then connect to the static IP address of the server. Simply follow these steps: Plesk for Linux. Click on Domains in the navigation bar on the left. Click Add Domain. In the Domain name* field, type the domain name you want to use Mit der weiteren Nutzung akzeptieren Sie die Verwendung von Cookies durch POST zur Datenverkehrs- und Browserverlaufsanalyse. Hier klicken für weitere Informationen. By continuing to browse this site, you agree to POST's use of cookies to measure audience and track browsing activity Auf der Login-Seite Ihres Plesk geben Sie Ihren Benutzernamen ein und links unten im Anmeldefenster finden Sie einen Link mit dem Namen Forgot your password?, diesen klicken Sie an und Sie erhalten eine Bestätigungs-E-Mail mit einem Link. Diesen Link klicken Sie ebenfalls an, dort können Sie ein neues Passwort setzen 1&1 Kunden-Login - Anmeldung zu Ihrem Control-Center. Sticky Section Header. Telefonische Bestellung 0721 / 9605727 i. Kostenfrei aus dem 1&1 Netz, Festnetz- und Mobilfunkpreise anderer Anbieter ggf. abweichend. Chat mit 1&1-Experten. Chat starten. Aktuell befinden sich alle 1&1 Experten im Gespräch. Bitte haben Sie etwas Geduld, der Chat ist gleich wieder verfügbar. Zwischen 22 und 8 Uhr.

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You'll notice some changes to this page in the next couple of weeks. We are updating it to make it more secure and reliable. We are updating it to make it more secure and reliable. Log into TalkTalk Mail Sometimes your mailbox created in the Plesk Panel reach the default outgoing message limit. and... How to change the Default limit of outgoing messages from a mailbox in plesk? Sometimes your mailbox created in the Plesk Panel reach the default outgoing message limit. and... How to create an email account in Plesk Control Panel? This article will guide you on how to create an email account in. Welcome to 123-reg Webmail - Access your email by using the Webmail log in form. More from 123 Reg. Even more to help you succeed online. 123 Reg Home. Find out more about our award winning products. Control Panel. Easily manage your products from one place. Blog. Daily tips to help you grow your business online . Support. Call us and we'll be happy to help. Support. Simple guides and videos.

How to Access Plesk WebMail. This article explains how to access a Hosting server with the webmail interface. Most standard web-browsers are supported. Steps. Launch your web-browser and go to https://webmail.<yourdomain> Enter your email address for your Username and the Password of your email address ; Click the Sign In button ; You have successfully logged into your email account using the. Plesk Email Security; Feature Packs. Business & Collaboration; WordPress Pack; Hosting Pack; Power Pack; Language Pack; Featured Extension. Extension; Pricing; Extensions; Help center; More. Careers ; Events; Webinars; Plesk University; Blog; Plesk Partner Program; Contact Us; TRY FOR FREE; Industry Partners. Industry Partners. Control Panel. Follow us: COMPANY About Plesk Our Brand Legal.

Universität zu Köln • Webmail: Tracking (de-)aktiviere eMail-Postfächer. Ein neues Passwort für Ihre eMail-Adresse/Postfach können Sie im Plesk-Bereich unter dem Punkt E-Mail ändern indem Sie auf die betroffene eMail-Adresse klicken. Das alte Passwort wird hierbei nicht benötigt. Der Benutzername ist die jeweilige eMail-Adresse die dem Postfach zugewiesen ist. Confixx. Confixx-Login / FTP-Zugan

Choose the small Access Plesk button under Configuration Email User. If you are an email user under someone else's domain/hosting account, the following steps may work for you. Note that if your domain administrator has not enabled email user access to Plesk, these steps will not work. You will then need to contact your domain. Login Suche; Navigation. Navigation. Navigation. Navigation schließen; Startseite Startseite Webhosting Um Ihr verwendetes Gerät zu verifizieren, haben wir Ihnen eine E-Mail mit einem Validierungscode geschickt. Geben Sie diesen bitte im nachfolgenden Feld ein. Validierungscode: E-Mail erneut senden Anmeldung abbrechen . Unbekanntes Gerät. Um Ihr verwendetes Gerät zu verifizieren. Kunden-Login. Kundennummer: Passwort: Sie haben Ihr Passwort vergessen? Bitte fordern Sie hier ein neues an. Sie sind nicht angemeldet - Bitte zuerst einloggen!. Go to the Mail tab. Click on the email address you wish to configure the antivirus on. Click on the Antivirus tab and select the checkbox: Switch on antivirus protection for this email address. Choose the desired mail scanning mode. You can switch on scanning for incoming mail, outgoing mail, or both

Sign in - Google Account The following ports should be open for outbound connections from your WHMCS server: 8443. Compatible Plesk Versions: 11, 11.5, 12, 12.5, Onyx, Obsidian Setting Up a Plesk Server. The following steps guide you through the process of setting up a server in WHMCS for Plesk Hosting Accounts in Plesk 11-12. Go to Configuration > System Settings > Servers or, prior to WHMCS 8.0, Setup > Products. Softwareupgrade Gebäudeswitche Liegenschaften IGF, PA, Anbau Casino. Am Freitag den 07.08.2020 stehen in den Liegenschaften IGF, PA und Anbau Casino ab 06:00 Uhr für ca. eine halbe Stunde keine Netzverbindungen zur Verfügung Wenn Ihr Plesk System Ihnen ständig folgende E-Mails sendet: Return-Path: anonymous@1 Received: (qmail 28390 invoked by. Kundenbereich +49 7121 26197-0 Support Menü. Hosting. Login into your server's WHM (https://[main server IP address]:2087) Plesk. For Plesk on Linux servers please follow the instructions outlined here to configure qmail to listen on an alternative port: Setting alternate smtp port in Plesk on Linux. If connections via port 26 are being denied make sure to check the APF Firewall to assure that port 26 is open. Configuring the Mail Client.

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